Have you been chasing for a reputable entrance exam tutoring association to prepare for NEET/ IIT-JEE? ProExam is indeed a blessing for children, it is a Test Series organized to prepare aspirants for NEET/ IIT-JEE. With us by your side, your most comprehensible exam will appear to be simple. 

ProExam Foundation has been encouraging learners to prosper in their NEET/ IIT-JEE exams since 2014 and is still progressing with it every single day. At ProExam we deliver enormous privileges for the NEET/ IIT-JEE aspirants. Our foundation isn’t just a foundation but a home to many, where dreams & wings both are empowered to aim & fly high. 

We provide all kinds of latest technologies for executing online exams, trials and queries, and quizzes. We furnish ready-made test series strategy and platforms with wholly controlling outlets for universities, institutes & colleges. If you aspire to be the most recreational and competitive at the same time and clear your examination simply in a single round ProExam’s gates are upright for you.

How do our series benefit you?

This test series is formulated by our crew of professionals to stimulate the preparation of learners for the substantial examination. While you obtain a method of solving our mocks and test sequence allows an aspirant to know his/her stability and susceptibilities. This benefits you in heightening the possibilities of selection and the priority areas to work on. 

The advantages of joining the ProExam Test Series:

  • Gives rise to more conceptual transparency
  • Revised with latest syllabus and examination tendencies. 
  • Complicated justifications in modest form.
  • Pointers and tricks to understand tough problems in exams.
  • Full-length & Section-wise trials comprised.
  • Real-time examination hall knowledge & experience.

Our test series is better and unique than the rest because

  • Analyze trials for a division with Chapter-wise Trials in sync with your study agenda.
  • Multiple Trials for every chapter for estimation.
  • The instant outcome of the submission.
  • Detailed clearance of each doubt step by step on every topic.

Our Mission

Our only mission is to provide quality teaching by providing the ultimate benefit out of the Test Series organized by our professional team. 

Our mission includes improving the ability of every student trusting us, to organize their time in a real-time test habitat. Furthermore, for you to assemble the proficiency to rapidly shift your mind from one subject to another and from one topic to another, besides evaluating your proficiency utilizing this Test Series for NEET/IIT-JEE.

Our Vision

Our proficient instructor’s clear theories in an extremely fascinating way during our ongoing trials. We organize a personalized knowledge and learning route to enhance the pupil’s learning adventure. Now no more rote-learning. Comprehend all Science and Math theories to top NEET/IIT-JEE, school/ board exams & Olympiads. You get to evaluate your speed, precision, stability, and shortcomings in every topic of every chapter.