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ProExam Foundation is well recognized for its scholastic courses to permit NEET, IIT-JEE mains, and advanced. We deliver regular courses to the students from class 5th to class 12th. We also deliver distance wisdom courses for the learners who are not competent enough or those who can’t attend regular lectures and hope to put in the intellectual advantage in their practices. The ProExam Foundation is your Best solution for Coaching which furthermore delivers foundation courses to beginners, in which we empower them with day-to-day practices and questions to boost their speed and to improve their capabilities.

If you wish to be the most competitive student and pass your examination with flying colours ProExam’s doors are open for you.

How will students benefit from our test series? 

Systematic Theory

The education procedure at ProExam delivers the learners an extremely standardised designed curriculum along with a stepwise thesis schooling and analysing the comprehended theories.

Doubt Removal Trials

All students must advance in the syllabus with assurance. The necessary ingredient of our teaching sessions is the doubt removal trial session. Any problem in the practice or test is cleared until our students have no problems

Practice Substance

Our esteemed faculty prepares practice materials for our beloved students. All your problems are designed in a scientific and standardised way. Challenging problems are provided for you to know how to be sharp.

Why is our test series different from the rest?

The comprehensive analytical estimation system

We ProExam Institute have given rise to the broadest analytics for post-test estimation. Your portal will be your mentor for growth in your achievement and you can evaluate your stability & shortcomings, topics to pay awareness to also capabilities to work upon, Question Paper estimation based on classifications and complication levels, obtain All India Rank, receive Your scorecard and also Your Leaderboard. 

Precise explanations for future reference & instant results

All of our Answer clues and justifications will be illustrated after every test we take, you can save those for later. We provide you with instant results for all your tests without wasting your time to realize what you lack

Obtain your performance examination reports monthly

We provide your reports every month so that your improvement report would assist you to discern your stability and deficiency. You can discover your marks, tier, time-used, abilities, etc. to trace your improvement. You will receive chances to benchmark yourself by comparing with other students on an all-India platform. Compete, Comprehend, Explore and clear your exams with ProExam.

Our Additional Features

Chapter-wise test

Custom test

Important formulas

All subjects focused separately

5000+ questions

Time management & Negative Marking